Oleme kogunud miljon allkirja Atlandi-ülese kaubanduse ja investeeringute partnerluslepingu (TTIP) vastu. Õnnesoovid hr. Juncher!

Birthday card

One million signatures against the TTIP: first victory!

The self-organized European citizens’ initiative against TTIP and CETA agreements has just passed the one million-signature-mark.

This is a first victory of the citizens’ movement against the censure by the European Commission, which had refused to register the petition through the institutional procedure of the European. This is a victory of the real democracy against the opacity surrounding the negotiations between the EU and its North American partners.

Facing with the dangers for work, social rights, food standards, environment, culture and public services, these free trade projects that let multinational corporations have huge powers, the Party of the European Left calls all the progressive forces in Europe to sign and make people sign the petition.

With humour, the initiators of the petition propose to offer the million signatures as a birthday gift for JC Juncker, President of the European Commission. Amused, the Party of the European Left has prepared a birthday card *.

We will remain mobilized until the abandonment of TTIP.

Party of the European Left

December 4, 2014


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