Архив за месяц: Ноябрь 2014

Euroopa komisjoni esimees ajab udujuttu

Junker-package: a new smokescreen

The European Commission presented its so-called investment plan for the European Union. Obviously, Jean-Claude Juncker is better in tax optimization than in terms of economic development.

This package is a new smokescreen. It is a budget that relies on 21 billion euros of existing funds. The new European Strategic Investment Fund (ESIF) could lend three times that amount: 63 billion euros. And to reach the 315 billion announced, the Commission bets on a hypothetical effect of attraction for public and private funds while imposing cuts in public spending and not acting against financial speculation which is the cause of the 15%-drop in the level of investment in Europe since 2008.

No vision and no priority is defined for these investments which are to be left to the discretion of the future President of the ESIF and his «experts». Not only the Commission has no development project for Europe but it confiscates developing the citizen and democratic control.

Quite simply, we must do the opposite. We must first put an end to austerity. Europe needs a democratically drawn up investment plan, funded by the power of money creation of the European Central Bank, directed to public services and industrial cooperation towards job creation and a new model of social and ecological development.

Pierre Laurent
President of the Party of the European Left

Vasakpartei seisab naistevastase vägivalla vastu

Violence against Women Is Everywhere!

Violence against women is omnipresent: at the workplace, at home, in public and onFemin the Internet. The report by the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA) published in March 2014 is based on research into direct violence and reveals the magnitude and scale of this kind of violence.

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Saksa kamraadid kutsuvad tegutsema

March 18th 2015

Transnational actions against the European Central Bank’s opening gala

Let’s Take Over The Party!

On March 18th 2015 the European Central Bank (ECB) wants to open its new headquarters in Frankfurt. A dizzying 1.3 billion euros was spent on a 185-meter-high fortress-like twin tower building, surrounded by a fence and castle moat. This intimidating architecture of power is a perfect symbol of the distance between the political and financial elites and the people. The staff and the offices have already started to move there. But the grand opening gala – with several European state leaders and the European finance oligarchy present – has now been announced for Wednesday March 18th. Читать далее