Toetame Hispaania kamraade / В поддержку испанских товарищей


“Dignity” Marches are again over Madrid with the aim of claiming a life with dignity. From all different points of Spain columns of people marching all across the territory of the country are approaching Madrid in order to defend the proposal of the 22M (22nd of March), just in the anniversary when hundreds and hundreds of thousands of people occupied Madrid asking “dignity” for their lives.

United Left of Spain is with the 22M “Dignity” March asking all people to join the March in order to live in a country able to guarantee food, work and a home for a “decent” life.

It is not possible to talk of social peace in a country where there is a social and political emergency as the result of a long standing economic crisis, with rates of unemployment of 24% (more than five and a half million people), human rights and democratic liberties under pressure, unacceptable differences in the wages between women and men, young unemployment over 55% that is pressing thousands and thousands of them to migrate like their grandparents did in the Franco dictatorship, looking for a better life that today’s Spain is unable to offer. There are near three million people without any kind of income. The jobs that are created nowadays are precarious with very poor salaries with the result of workers living in poverty in spite of having a job. Poverty level is over  30% of the population, as a result one in five persons are with the risk of sinking in  severe poverty and social exclusion.

The manifestation of last 22 of March showed very clearly the power of popular unity and the positive outcome of making possible to join together geographical conflicts with branch conflicts. The struggle week developed last November and the mobilizations done just now show very clearly the possibility of building a great majority rejecting the ongoing antisocial trend and in favour of a social and just solution for the crisis and by this being able to give political support to a social convergence endeavour able to build a new project of country for Spain.

We call all people to participate in the social mobilization and also in the 22M “Dignity” Marches to which we belong asking among many claims, the human right for a decent home, the right to cancel a mortgage giving back the property, against making profit with social homes, against austerity measures reducing public budgets, against putting as priority the debt with the banks when there are huge social needs, against precariousness, against the TTIP, the corruption, in favour of a new constituent process able to go further over the results of the 1978 Spanish Constitution, against the social and political repression and against the patriarchal and heteronormative system.

“Dignity” Marches ask again to the social majority and to the working class to mobilize in the streets in order to show that WE WANT TO LIVE WITH “DIGNITY, that we know very well who are the responsible people of this dramatic and unjust social situation and that we have an alternative social and political programme.

United Left of Spain joins once again this “Dignity March” and ask all society, all members and friends of United Left to join the 22nd March in order to make of it a great success.

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